During our last two months here in Seattle, we are trying to do a number of things we never got around to doing while we were working.  However, we also have work to do to prepare for our move back to Michigan.  So, not every day can we spend all day being tourists in our own city.  Yesterday, we spent the morning doing “chores” and then made our very first purchase from Craig’s List.

Moving across the country is an expensive proposition (think tens of thousands of dollars) and we have done it a number of times.  One of the things that can get expensive is all the boxes you need.  Our consultant from the moving company suggested we look on Craig’s List for boxes.  Claire did.   We drove less than a half hour from our house and loaded up the pickup with boxes, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, and other packing materials.  $65 in cash and the transaction was complete!

The final resting place of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon.

The final resting place of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon.

In the afternoon, we made the pilgrimage to the gravesite of Bruce and Brandon Lee.  My son and I were huge Bruce Lee fans, and I suspect the influence of people like Bruce Lee is the reason my son went on to get in karate black belt.  The Lake View Cemetery is a spectacularly beautiful place.  The trees and shrubs rival a botanical garden, and the ornate headstones are works of art.

The Lee gravesites are simple and beautiful, and we are glad we took the time to pay our respects before leaving Seattle.

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  1. Jillian schwander

    Now you were the “strange people” going to someone else’s house to pick up Craigslist stuff. Ha ha….welcome to the real world. Congrats on your first craigslist purchase.

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