Le Pichet “Vive la différence!”

Our original intention for this blog was to share our experiences eating at all the great restaurants in Seattle.  Two years ago we went through all the online review sites and compiled a list of what appeared, by consensus, to be the best places to dine in the Seattle area.  As a matter of fact, we published our “hit list” on one of our very first blog entries.  As we wrap up our final sixty days in the area, we are going to make a concerted effort to get to most, if not all, of the places we have not yet visited.

So, during our bus adventure into the city yesterday, we had lunch at Le Pichet.  This little French joint comes out on most everyone’s lists of top Seattle restaurants.  I have to admit going into this that while I love all kinds of dining experiences; French cuisine is not one of my favorites. My limited experiences have had the following similarities: First of all, French restaurants usually feel a bit “pretentious.”  The attitude that comes across is that they are doing me a favor by feeding me, and I am generally unworthy of their consideration.  Second, I rarely understand the menu, or even the explanation of the menu.  Third, I rarely know what I have ordered until it is served, and even then I am unsure.  Finally, most of what I have tasted seems rather bland.  To each his own!  Vive la différence! It’s all good!

Claire appreciates French cuisine much more than I.  She took French language in school, and thankfully she generally held my hand through the experience.  We ordered from the lunch menu (Le Déjeuner.)  I also ordered a glass of wine so that I would feel less intimidated by the wait staff.  Frankly I can’t tell you what we ordered.  Claire actually did the ordering for us.  What she ordered for herself translated to “Two eggs broiled with ham and gruyère.”  What she ordered for me was essentially a sampler plate of thinly sliced sausages, and liver pate. It was tasty.  Not, “WOW” tasty, but tasty.  Claire seemed to enjoy her eggs and ham, and of course the bread they served was fantastic.  Surprisingly the prices were very reasonable, especially for Seattle.

In no way is this intended as a review of Le Pichet.  It is obviously a wonderful restaurant for those who truly love French food.  I am happy I went there for the experience, plus I get to check one restaurant off our bucket list!  Vive la différence!

An intimate little spot

Claire enjoying her eggs and ham

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