Road Trip: Crater Lake

Day #10 of the west coast road trip found us in southern Oregon as we were working out way back to Seattle.  We spent the night at the Running Y Lodge near Klamath Falls.  The Running Y is a beautiful setting, but the hotel is run by Holiday Inn.  The place was nice, but we had our worst meal of the entire trip.  Reminded me of the Jimmy Buffett song line “warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead.  It reminds me of the menu at the Holiday Inn.”

After breakfast, we drove the 50 miles up to Crater Lake.  By the time we got up to the lake the temperature had dropped to 30 degrees and a light snow was falling.  I commented to Claire that temperatures on this trip had ranged from 30 at Crater Lake to 105 degrees near Los Angeles.  In places, the snow was still over 4 feet deep at the lake!

When we first approached the lake it was shrouded in mist, but by the time we began working our way around it, the sun started burning through the clouds.  The lake itself was formed when the volcanic mountain collapsed in on itself.  The lake is over 1900 feet deep, which makes it one of the deepest inland lakes in the world.

The views were spectacular, and it was the perfect final stop on our trip.  When all was said and done, the trip lasted 10 days and covered 2800 miles.  We are back home in Seattle now updating our bucket list and planning our next adventure!

The snow got deeper and the temperatures kept dropping as we approached the lake.


Gorgeous views of the lake as the sun burned through the mist.

The lake is an amazing deep blue.

Great final stop on this road trip.

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