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Back in the Deer Blind


I grew up hunting and fishing in the great state of Michigan. But as Claire and I have moved around the country during the past eight years, I rarely uncased a gun or fishing rod. So I was excited when a good friend invited me to join their deer camp on Beaver Island!

Beaver Island is not the place to go if you are intent on shooting a deer. The herd is relatively small and since it is a deer management zone you can only shoot a buck with at least three points on one side. After three days of hunting, I was the only member of the camp of four hunters who actually saw a deer. Opening morning I had a nice little four-point meander by my heated blind. Not a shooter, but fun to watch.

As I said, deer camp on the island is not about shooting big bucks, but more about hanging out with the guys, eating and drinking too much, laughing, and telling tall tales. It was great to get back into the woods with a rifle and a deer tag. I am definitely looking forward to many more Michigan hunting and fishing adventures now that we are back in the mitten!

IMG_0686 3

There was snow on the ground when we arrived, and it snowed every day of deer camp!


The week started at the sight in competition where islanders shoot and have a dinner together.


This is the lovely couple who host the sight in event. Great people!


Sighting in a 50 yards…


Ken won the competition!


As the winner of the competition, Ken is honored as the first in line for dinner…


We are not exactly roughing it at this deer camp …


I spent my days sitting in Ken’s heated deer blind.


My view from the blind.


A black squirrel provides a little entertainment …

IMG_0684 2

Not many deer camps with this kind of view …


Our camp chef, bogey, makes some amazing meals!


There was even a deer camp cake!


Getting off the island can be a challenge this time of year. I made it just before a white out shut down the airport!


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Leave it to Beaver (Island)


Claire and I took a few days away from our construction project to visit our friend, Ken, who lives on a small island in northern Lake Michigan. Beaver Island is a 13mi by 6 mi. (55 square mile) island 32 miles off the shore of Michigan’s lower peninsula. You can get there by boat, which takes 2 and a half hours, or by small plane which takes about 20 minutes. We chose to fly over with Island Airways.

Claire had not been to the island in almost ten years, and I hadn’t been there for eight. Not much has changed on the island during that time, and probably not much has changed in the last 50 years. Because of its isolation, it always reminds of the old TV show Northern Exposure.

Ken has a beautiful beach house and is a wonderful host. He just completed a small guesthouse on the property, which made the stay even nicer. It’s always relaxing to spend time on the island. Ken cooks some great meals, plus there are a couple of restaurants on the island that do a pretty fair job especially with local fare like whitefish.

Walks on the beach, touring the back roads, reading, eating, drinking, and talking absorbed us for the couple of days we spent with Ken. We also accompanied Ken on a visit to “the furs guy,” a local resident who traps and raises animals for fur. Ken had a special project for him, and we got a kick out of visiting his workshop in an old barn.

I will probably head back up to “the Beav” for deer camp this year. It’s always a great, relaxing place to spend time.


Hanging in Charlevoix waiting for our plane.


The channel and lighthouse in Charlevoix.


Our “ride” to the island.


Look ma! No hands!


Flying over the island.


Trees are not yet at peak color …


Final approach …


A juvenile bald eagle on the hunt …


Wild turkeys on the island …


Big Rock


The Beaver Island Ferry passing in front of Ken’s place …


Beach walk and cigars on the beach …


Early morning from Ken’s deck …


A visit to “the furs guy’s” workshop …


Beaver tails nailed to the wall …


Deer skulls nailed to the fence … Needless to say it was quite an experience!


Laying in a little firewood for winter …


Claire celebrating the largest clump birch tree in North America …

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