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Traverse City – Our New Hometown


Since the first week of August we have been settling into our new hometown. Traverse City is a resort town in Northern Michigan, and the region has become famous as Michigan’s wine country and a “foodie” destination. In addition to getting used to a new daily routine that doesn’t include schlepping off to the office everyday, the only stress has come from trying to do too much as we fully embrace Traverse City life.

So far we have only scratched the surface of all there is to do in TC. We have taken in our first Traverse City Beach Bums baseball game at Wuerfel Park. Weekly we hit the local Sarah Hardy Farmer’s Market where we have stocked up on fresh, organic, local produce. We have actually canned local peaches and tomatoes that we can enjoy through the winter. We also made homemade pickles and pickled green beans.

Harley rides around the Leland Peninsula and the Old Mission Peninsula have been spectacular. We have attended festivals like “Paella in the Park” and the weekly “Friday Night Live” block party. We also love going to movies at the non-profit waterfront Bijou by the Bay movie theatre.

Of course one of the key reasons we chose to come back to Michigan was to be closer to our kids who seem to be gradually migrating back to the Midwest. Jake and Hilary have visited twice so far, and now that Jessie has completed the Great Loop we get to see her on a much more regular basis.

Our major activity is building our house on the lake (more on that in a future post.) While the house is being built we are spending more days out at the lake canoeing, cleaning up the waterfront, and hanging by the campfire.

Traverse City has been everything we hoped it would be and we are enjoying every minute of being here!


We love the Beach Bums games! Good, American family fun…


I forgot how much fun it is to cut your own grass. I find it to be a very Zen experience …


Saturday mornings at the Sara Hardy Farmer’s market. Michigan blueberries, sweet corn, cherries, and peaches are of favorites so far.


First attempt at canning … organic tomatoes!


Already a peach cobbler from one quart.. Mmmmmm


Been a long time since I bought produce in bushel baskets …


Perfect way to spend a summer evening … Go Beach Bums!


Paella in the Park!


Harley ride around the Leland pennisula with a stop at Fish Town.


Harley ride out to the lighthouse on the Mission Peninsula.


The season are starting to change on our lake front property.


Paddling the canoe around Arbutus Lake.


Exploring the Arbutus Lake chain the old fashioned way …


As we clean up our waterfront, its been fun to hang by the camp fire.


Work, work, work …


Claire teaching Jessie the fine art of making sushi …


Jake and Hilary checking out our waterfront and progress on the house construction.

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