The Seattle Sixty

We admit it; we suck as bloggers… Two years ago when we moved to Seattle we created a blog to share our experiences in “dining and what-not.”  We saw our time living and working in downtown Seattle as a great adventure we wanted to share with our friends and family.  We started with great enthusiasm, and almost immediately we lost steam (see our blog post “If our blog were a goldfish, it would have died.”)  While we were going, doing, and seeing, it became “work” to sit down and write about it.  But, with renewed commitment we re-launched the blog and that lasted for another couple of months.

As I sit and write this post today, we have not made a post to the blog in 15 months.  As I said, we suck as bloggers.  But alas, it is a whole new ballgame!  We just retired from our corporate jobs here in Seattle!  An now we have a new opportunity which I am calling “the Seattle 60.”  We have 60 days here in Seattle before we move back to the Midwest; 60 days with no jobs and no responsibilities; 60 days to do all the things we have always wanted to do here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Seattle Bucket List

Our Seattle Bucket List

Speaking of new ballgame, today is day #1 of the 60 and we are heading to Safeco Field to see our Detroit Tigers play the Seattle Mariners. Watch this space for REGULAR posts as we share our last 60 days in Seattle (we really mean it this time.)

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