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Day #1 of the Seattle Sixty: Play Ball!

One of the things I have enjoyed most about living in Seattle is seeing ballgames at Safeco Field.  There is nothing better that a “dog and a beer” on a sunny day at the ballpark.  We have probably seen more than a dozen games during our two years here.  Of course when our Detroit Tigers come to town we try and see every game of the series.

When the games have been on weekdays, we often walk the mile and half from our office to the ballpark.  On a warm day, it is great to stroll down 1st avenue, stopping for the occasional adult beverage on the way.  Often we would end of at Jimmy’s on First which is a nice upscale bar/restaurant right across from the ballpark.  Claire loved the calamari there, which was served as “logs” of breaded and deep fried squid.

This year we had a going away party with our exec team and had access to a suite for game one of the series.  We missed game two.  But yesterday, on day #1 of our Seattle Sixty, we saw game #3.  We had pretty good seats about half way up on the 1st base line.  The only downside was we were in the shade.  Even though it was a sunny-mid 70’s day, it was a bit chilly in the shade.  But you have nothing to complain about with you are at the ballpark on a sunny Sunday afternoon, watching your hometown team, having a dog and a beer, and enjoying the day.

While Claire has not historically been a sports fan, she does enjoy (or at least pretends to enjoy) a day at the ballpark with me.  I enjoy explaining some of the nuances of the game, and baseball has the perfect pace for casual conversation.

Yesterday was no exception, and we had a relaxing afternoon (once we got parked) enjoying the day.  It was a perfect way to start our Seattle Sixty!

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The Seattle Sixty

We admit it; we suck as bloggers… Two years ago when we moved to Seattle we created a blog to share our experiences in “dining and what-not.”  We saw our time living and working in downtown Seattle as a great adventure we wanted to share with our friends and family.  We started with great enthusiasm, and almost immediately we lost steam (see our blog post “If our blog were a goldfish, it would have died.”)  While we were going, doing, and seeing, it became “work” to sit down and write about it.  But, with renewed commitment we re-launched the blog and that lasted for another couple of months.

As I sit and write this post today, we have not made a post to the blog in 15 months.  As I said, we suck as bloggers.  But alas, it is a whole new ballgame!  We just retired from our corporate jobs here in Seattle!  An now we have a new opportunity which I am calling “the Seattle 60.”  We have 60 days here in Seattle before we move back to the Midwest; 60 days with no jobs and no responsibilities; 60 days to do all the things we have always wanted to do here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Seattle Bucket List

Our Seattle Bucket List

Speaking of new ballgame, today is day #1 of the 60 and we are heading to Safeco Field to see our Detroit Tigers play the Seattle Mariners. Watch this space for REGULAR posts as we share our last 60 days in Seattle (we really mean it this time.)

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